Power Rangers Redux*The Original songs*Recut by the original artist*Ron Wasserman

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The Songs

Recut all the original best loved Power Ranger songs from the original MMPR series.

  • Go Go Power Rangers
  • Fight
  • 5-4-1
  • We Need A Hero
  • I Will Win
  • Go Green Ranger Go
  • Combat
  • Hope For The World
  • Unite
  • Cross My Line
  • Lord Zedd
  • Plus Instrumental Versions Of Each Track

The Process

Each song was completely re-recorded from the ground up. A lot of people think these are remasters of the original recordings from the 1990's, but they are not.

More information on composer Ron Wasserman.

Thanks for all the support, emails and compliments over the last 29 years. I had no idea this show and these songs would be so iconic. I've always been very humbled and flattered to have been associated with such an historic series. It launched my career in television and to date I've scored (or partially scored) over 2800 episodes of TV.

Also, there will be no "Redux 2" release coming. Due to laws and publishing companies and other assorted things I could only re-record songs that had been previously released on audio only commercially released products. So this is it......